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Cognify - Automate Local Intelligence

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Given: Voice search technologies are changing the way customers find and engage with brands. Customers will expect:

  • For brands to be conversational and understand them in their own words.
  • For brands to remember their habits, needs, intent and location.

Question: How is location powering your brand for the customers of tomorrow?

Hypothesis: Connect online to offline by automating local intelligence.

Labs Experiment: Cognify

  • Messaging- Simplify and enhance the user experience through an always-connected 1-1 messenger bot that offers localized information in the moments that matter.
  • Voice Search Optimization- Invest in location data optimization for traditional and alternative modes of voice search like Alexa, Allo, Slack, Siri and more.
  • Natural Language and Semantic Learning- Understand unstructured conversational language, sentiment and intent through robotics and systems of artificial intelligence like IBM Watson.