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Optimizing Google My Business for Local Visibility and Conversion

Register and learn the latest Google My Business strategies from Brandify experts.


Learn about the latest GMB features and how to utilize them to boost visibility


Find out about the factors that drive conversion in GMB listings


Discover optimization opportunities specific to verticals like retail, healthcare, and restaurants

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Speaker - Dustin Hayes

Dustin Hayes is Director of Marketing at Brandify. Having a career rooted in content creation and creative direction, Dustin believes that an effective marketing strategy resides at the crossroads of imaginative exploration and precise execution.

Speaker - Damian Rollison

Damian Rollison is VP of Market Development at Brandify. With a background in teaching and technology, Damian has focused his career on building innovative products that help businesses large and small get noticed online. Damian's columns appear frequently at Street Fight, Search Engine Land, LSA Insider, and other publications, and he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.


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