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Winning Local: A Conversation with Primanti Bros.

Representatives from Primanti Bros., the popular East Coast restaurant chain, join Brandify to discuss the company’s culture and approach to local marketing, their pandemic story, and strategic insights looking forward to 2021 and beyond.


Discover how Primanti Bros. developed and executed its own local search strategy


Learn why reputation management is at the heart of their customer service


Identify the factors that matter the most in selecting a local marketing partner

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Speaker - Adam Golomb

With a background in strategic leadership in both the restaurant and grocery industries – Adam drives marketing, concept evolution, digital transformation, and menu development for
Primanti Bros. Adam was awarded the American Marketing Association retail marketer of the year and most recently was recognized by Nation’s Restaurant News as one of the most influential restaurant executives in the United States.

Speaker - Ryan Wilkinson

As a digital-first marketer with a penchant for boundary-busting ideas, Ryan has worked to bring the personality of some of country’s most fun brands to life.

From Nestle’s iconic Drumstick, to Wonka confections, frozen pizza brands and now to leading digital, media and public relations for Pittsburgh’s own French-fry and slaw-topped Primanti Bros., Ryan’s goal is always to drive a positive ROI through creative story telling  – and the help of a good media agency.

Speaker - Kaci Cramer

Kaci Cramer is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Brandify. With a strong background in Marketing & SEO, and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, Kaci specializes in developing actionable insights for clients to help drive success. Kaci is a contributing writer for StreetFight with articles specializing in popular local search topics & marketing strategies.


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